New Moon Manifestations

How to want for nothing yet manifest everything. Dropping resistance and knowing deep within that it’s already yours. You’ve come to this place equipped with ancestral wisdom at your core. Walk in your truth and allow yourself to simply be. 🌚✨💫 #meditation #divinefemine #manifest #wisdom #truth #healing #community #solidarity

Stepping Into Self-Love

Stepping Into Self-Love: Meditating on self-love gives one permission to get real and vulnerable with yourSelf. Sitting with one’s thoughts and feelings, rather than pushing them away, is itself an act of love. When you focus on your heart during meditation, you are able to create a compassionate space from which you can feel, without judgment, whatever it is that needs to be felt. During this time you are not beating yourSelf up about whatever you think you did wrong or however you think “I can’t measure up.” You are simply allowing yourSelf to be human. #meditate #divinefeminine #selflove 💞✨

Sacred Intuition: Connecting to your Higher Self

On a deep intuitive level, when you create and take part in simple ritual and ceremony – just as easy as lighting a candle for yourself or another – your divine feminine essence is ignited.

This is where the fearful mind and hardened places in the psyche begin to melt and soften into the energy of the heart. Sacred rituals have been used as a bridge between earth and spirit for eons. From lighting a candle before you meditate and pray, to orchestrating a ceremonial circle involving many people, any kind of sacred ritual is an intentional statement to your Higher Self that you are invoking an ancient, timeless connection of mind, body and spirit. Be sure to join our weekly Women’s Wellness Meditation Circles beginning May 2018!! IG: @iamearthnyc 🙏✨ #meditation #divinefeminine #community #NYC

Children’s Mindfulness Meditation Workshop: The Little Om NYC Launching May 2018!!

Children’s Mindfulness Meditation Workshop: Deliberately focusing attention to the present moment, without judgment to the experience that unfolds. Essentially, attending to the present moment and the feelings that arise, without resistance to those feelings, and specifically teaching children to be aware of the ways they are thinking and feeling in that specific moment. This can help build strategies to deal with past difficulties, future anxieties, and resilience when the current moment is stressful. Various forms of mindfulness meditation such as breath awareness, body scan exercises, walking, and yoga. These practices can help improve students’ self-monitoring of behavior, emotions, and sensations which will help them become aware and responsible for their actions and corresponding emotions. This can also be particularly helpful for students coming from high-stress homes. Stay tuned to The Little Om NYC launching May 2018!! IG: @thelittleomnyc #meditation #mindfulness #community #NYC